On this page you have sight to the Books I have published and descriptions below the book covers. There will be sample chapters to read, that I hope will allure you to read more!​

A Nigh​t Cl​aimed

   Bonnie Collins had plans. And being a werewolf wasn’t one of them.
Attacked by a rogue who was out to claim her, and facing what she now
has no choice of becoming, Bonnie can’t let go of her human life as a
   The last thing Bonnie needs is more challenges​. However, Rikki, the
Alpha of Mill City will be just that. Finding her to be possessive and
ruling, Bonnie begins challenging the Alpha’s every breath.
   Finding out her attack was no accident only makes her more angry at the situation. A group of rogues are out to get her. With no clue why,
Bonnie has no choice but to seek help from the alluring Alpha and her
pack, accepting the new world she was forced into.

   Tajel Pierce loves the thrill of being a paramedic. Every call she goes on gives her a rush. She makes no time for a personal life. No one can ruin her love for her career.

  Then there is Arianna Castaldi, who just transferred to her new paramedic position in a whole new state. All she needs is a new start without any distractions.

  Arianna and Tajel’s relationship doesn't start off perfect. Embarrassed of the one night stand Arianna believes she had with Tajel, she wants to pretend they never met and make their relationship strictly business. The only choice they have to keep from strangling each other is to go from denying their feelings to accepting them as they work through intense 911 calls.

I Belong With Her


"I like how the romance between Arianna and Tajel went. They’re sweet together and suit each other well. I was a bit worried at the start when they realised that they are attracted to each other but restraint themselves... Talking about their work, paramedic is quite intense in the emergency situation and i can felt it, even though i dont understand half things they do. I really enjoyed how the book showed how their work went into actions. Plus, there was some emotional momment as well..."

                                                                                    From a verified reader

"I Belong with Her" has all the elements of a good First Responder lesbian romance.  Both beautiful, both trained paramedics, and both with family issues. How they come together and find a lasting love is nicely woven with moments of excitement and tragedy. This book will satisfy readers who like good sex and happy endings."

                                                                                                         From a verified reader

  Who ever said love came easy? Not starting off too great, these two women give a second chance at being friendly. Only through the adorableness of Talia's two children do these two women fall in love.

  Talia ended up as a single mother raising her two kids after a long overdue divorce. Thirty-four with a nine year old daughter and six year old son, Talia's finally starting over. Only problem..her husband won't let her go. Finally ready to embrace being an lesbian; she's determined to not let any man stand in her way. 

  Reyna is a twenty-six year old woman who dove into sports only to lose her career and the one woman she loved, killed in a car accident over two years ago. Running from her past, Reyna tries everything in her power not to connect with anyone.

  Equally faced against their families bigotry, Reyna and Talia both find something they never thought could happen! A second chance for two hearts to collide!

Her Endure

Her Endure

"This was a really sweet romance. I really liked that the kids played a major role in the story. A good read."

                                                                                                        A verified reader

"This was the first time I have read from this author and I enjoyed reading this book. The interaction between the kids and Reyna was adorable and funny. Talia and Reyna relationship developed over time nicely both facing things in the past. Each were finally able to handle their own situation and come out for the better. I truly enjoyed this book."

                                                                                                                     A verified reader